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About Glengarry Consulting

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Glengarry Group Consulting is a unique management consulting firm focused on leadership and its impact on your organization. While leadership touches all aspects of your business we focus specifically on revenue generation; what the military refers to as the tip of the spear.

Why are we different than the multitudes of independent sales consultants and leadership trainers that pursue your mind share? We believe the difference lies in our approach and focus.

If you ask most leadership trainers, authors, and gurus they will tell you that leadership can be taught. In fact in his book on leadership Rudolph Giuliani says that "leadership is mostly a skill that people learn". We believe that the word "mostly" reserves in his mind the concept that the elite of the leadership corps posses a blended skill set that can't be taught, only honed. These are the same skills that elite military units covet, because organizations like the US Army Rangers know that poor leadership in their ranks has dire consequences.

We focus on identifying, enabling and developing elite leaders. We approach leadership with the view that a balanced combination of intelligence, emotional quotient, and the ability to bear the pressure of situational stress are the essential elements that compose an elite leader.

We invite you to accept the challenge, explore our services, and redefine how you view leadership.