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Professional Services

While we offer a variety of services to our clients and prospects there is a single thread that ties all of them together and that is leadership. Our belief is that leadership is the key ingredient in every layer of your business, and as such it should be cultural and systemic. An organization that promotes a culture of leadership takes stock in the belief that process and improvement can as easily rise from the mailroom as any other department.

Our philosophy on leadership is not revolutionary rather one that is born in tried and true  principles that have been tested by the military since the dawn of civilization, and adapted to fit a modern landscape. They resonate as clearly in the boardroom as they do on the battle field. 

  • Seek and accept responsibility
  • Know yourself and pursue self-improvement
  • Achieve professional competence
  • Communicate your objectives and intent
  • Solve problems and make timely decisions
  • Know your people and promote their wellbeing
  • Build teamwork and cohesion
  • Keep your team informed
  • Mentor, educate and develop your team
  • Maintain situational awareness, seek information and keep current
  • Learn from experience and those who have experience

We've found that a successful leader performs effectively under stress; correctly applies skills and knowledge; demonstrates initiative and decisiveness; seeks and accepts advice and constructive criticism; inspires team spirit, understands performance and co-operation; plans effectively; communicates effectively; supervises effectively; and delegates to the team.  

Our leadership professionals have joined us after successful careers in the military and have undergone Glengarry's assessment process to ensure that they possess the balanced mix of skills necessary for elite leadership.

We invite you to explore how a Glengarry leadership consultant can assist you in redefining leadership in your organization.

"A musician must make his music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to ultimately be at peace with himself."
- Abraham Maslow