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Ranger Leadership: The Advanced Class

 Ranger Team Grads! So you've passed basic training. Are you ready to take your Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication skills to the next level?

Building on a base of knowledge, experience and confidence The Ranger Leadership Advanced Class is exclusively for graduates of our Four-Day Ranger Teams experience. It will provide you with an extensive review of what you learned and experienced the first time and will introduce new material such as: 

  • Be, Know, Do
  • Ranger Feedback
  • Leadership Counseling
  • Conflict Management

When you complete the Advanced Class you'll be prepared to:

  • Deliver feedback with confidence, consistence and most importantly - results!
  • Grow your team members / subordinates through effective coaching and counseling;
  • Implement an effective coaching plan for your key contributors.
  • Manage conflict to desirable, win/win outcomes.
  • Expand your knowledge, skills and attitudes.
Learn how Ranger Leadership can move you beyond the basics