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Ranger Teams

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The Army Rangers are known for their solid teamwork, single-minded pursuit of a goal, and commitment to excellence. In this course, author of Rangers Lead the Way adapts the Rangers' principles of leadership and teamwork to the workplace.

By implementing the successful philosophy behind America's most elite military teams, you can:

  • Create a stronger corporate vision
  • Develop elite leadership skills
  • Stay a step ahead of the competition
  • Learn to maximize time and resources
  • Understand how to accomplish goals faster and more effectively
  • Develop trust in your peers
  • Create a heightened sense of group awareness
  • Increase cohesion and group effectiveness
  • Develop superior communication skills

Rangers Teams shows you how to instill the values, lessons, and insights that are essential to helping your team survive, thrive, and triumph over the competition.



Our core Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication workshop is Ranger Teams. It is what we refer to as Leadership Immersion.

The course is conducted in an outdoor training area. The 300-acre classroom is beautiful, and intentionally remote - no cell phones, pagers, or voice mail. Simulated Ranger missions are used during this four-day, eighty-hour training exercise to remove learning barriers, ensure retention, and accelerate application.

Throughout the four days, participants repeat the following learning cycle:

  • Assume New Leader/Team Role
  • Receive Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication instruction
  • Apply this instruction by planning and executing a Ranger Team mission
  • Review and evaluate lessons learned
  • Apply experiences and skills to their business/personal situation

The Ranger Teams program is unlike any other teaming experience. It is not basic training, a survival school, hug-fest, or war game. It is a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind discovery process that teaches combat-forged principles and techniques, connecting them to your business or personal situation, and improving your bottom line. You will see results.

Each class consists of 8 - 13 participants. Each group has a Business Instructor, who will lead them through teamwork, leadership, and communication development, and a Ranger Instructor who will guide them through the application and learning exercises. Both will ensure all learning is linked directly to the participant's workplace.
Students leave with the learning experience of a lifetime - charged, focused, and equipped to immediately improve your bottom line.

"The truly effective team of the future will have 2 critical qualities: character and competencies. Trainings that include both must be experiential. Classroom instruction can only target a few competencies. Dean Hohl may offer the only civilian training in the free world that can deliver on both counts. Miss it and you squander your precious team building opportunities. Take it and you harvest personal and work rewards for years to come."  
- Peter Pearson, Ph.D., Stanford University

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