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Sales Strategy

Building a solid sales strategy is not unlike doing a puzzle. You will find that serious puzzle builders approach the job with a process, which typically starts by having a good look at the box, so you know what the end goal is. We like to call this phase fashioning a preliminary plan. Then they'll sort through the pieces and start to organize them. This is what we would refer to as a detailed assessment. You need to know what you have and how it best goes together. At this stage most puzzle builders segregate the straight edge pieces that make up the border, or what we like to call the infrastructure. Once you have the framework in place solving the puzzle is a much easier task. Now you are ready to build; referring back to the box, your preliminary plan, keeps your progress in line with your goals.

It is a simple analogy and we all know that building a puzzle is definitely easier than building a sales strategy, but they clearly share one commonality. There is nothing more frustrating than putting the effort into assembling the pieces to realize at the end that there is one piece missing.

We will not be as bold as to tell you that we are the missing piece, but contact us and we will tell you what pieces we think need to be in your box.