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 Business requires that you fight hard to defeat the competition. Business requires individuals who have vision, can create a plan and can communicate their vision and their plan to the team. Business requires capable people who accept personal responsibility for their objectives and goals while coordinating and cooperating with others in executing their vision. In short to be successful businesses requires the clarity of elite leadership; leadership that focuses on teamwork and communication as the keys to accomplishing goals and objectives.

US Army Rangers are known for their solid teamwork, single-minded pursuit of goals, mental toughness and commitment to excellence. Dean Hohl tested those principles in combat and today brings them to bear in the most unique leadership training program ever designed. His work has been reviewed by The New York Times, Fortune, Fast Company, and has been covered on Bloomberg TV.

"It is the best training program I've ever seen period."

Michael Boyle, PhD
Professor of Leadership
University of Louisville

Glengarry Group Consulting and Leading Concepts have come together to provide a comprehensive assessment and training program that is unparalleled in the leadership industry. With a proven track record and expert instructors, including Dean Hohl author of Rangers Lead The Way we ensure that your organization will be more effective through improved leadership and team performance.

We focus on identifying, enabling and developing elite leaders. We approach leadership with the view that a balanced combination of intelligence, emotional quotient, and the ability to bear the pressure of situational stress are the essential elements that compose an elite leader.

Our programs make your organization more efficient and effective in the battlefield that is business.